Prior to Fuqua

I was born in South Korea but moved to Hong Kong when I was about 10 months old. I was raised in the metropolitan city until I decided to attend a university in the U.S. I double majored in Psychology and Media Studies at the University of Virginia, as I was always interested in how businesses utilize the perception of media.

Why Fuqua and MMS?

In many ways, my past summer marketing internships cultivated my strong interest in business. While I was able to brainstorm creative ideas during the internships, I found that I desire the necessary business acumen to produce a comprehensive marketing plan, and justify my recommendations throughout the projects. I found these tasks were often given to someone more qualified in business evaluations and strategy formation. I realized that with the practical skills and theory of business, I would be able to better leverage my background in psychology and media.

In My Free Time

My enthusiasm for novel experiences has definitely shaped my foodie spirit—I try to visit new restaurants whenever I have the opportunity to do so. If you need any recommendations for places to try in Hong Kong, New York, and Durham, feel free to ask!