With the final employment data in for the inaugural class of the Master of Quantitative Management: Business Analytics program, their career outcomes reveal how successful this cohort has been. These 2018 graduates put the same intense focus and energy into their job search as they did their classwork, with outstanding results.

  • By the end of the 6-month period after graduation, 97 percent of job seekers had received at least one offer of employment and had accepted a job offer.
  • Almost 70 percent of those accepting job offers found their position through a customized search using competencies and skills developed while working with our Career Management Center.

Demonstrating the value that employers place in our graduates’ data analytics aptitude, critical thinking, and communication skills, initial compensation offers were very strong.

  • The median base starting salary for U.S. full-time positions is $80,000, with the highest base salary offer at $140,000.
  • Median additional compensation—which represents the sum of starting or signing bonuses, relocation expenses, stock options, and the like—was $11,500 for U.S. full-time jobs, and ranged up to $22,120.

There is a very high demand for the capabilities these graduates developed to employers across industry sectors and functions. Over 100 employers (80-plus U.S. employers and 21 offshore) hired at least one MQM: Business Analytics graduate, while 12 hired two or more.

  • Wayfair hired 12 graduates, and Deloitte US, EY, PwC, and UPS hired three each.
  • ACA, Cognizant, Credit Suisse, CVS Health, Deloitte China, HPE Consulting, and Red Hat each hired two graduates.

Multiple leading corporations hired graduates from the four functional tracks (Finance, Forensics, Marketing, and Strategy), indicating that demand for employees with specialization in these fields is strong across sectors.

  • Graduates of the Finance track accepted employment from companies such as Bloomberg, BlackRock, Dell, Lending Tree, and KPMG among others.
  • Walmart, New York Life, MGM Resorts International, Credit Suisse, and UPS were some of the organizations that hired graduates of the Forensics track.
  • Marketing track graduates accepted offers from Apple, Clorox, Gap, Inc., Morgan Stanley, CVS Health, and Williams-Sonoma, as well as other domestic and international firms.
  • Those graduates of the Strategy track are now working at Amazon, Capital One, Facebook, Intuit, McKinsey, and Target, in addition to many other iconic corporations.

Not surprisingly, the job function across the tracks was predominantly analytics, followed by client service, and then finance. There was greater variation in the industry sectors by track, as expected, although consulting was the top industry sector for all tracks, followed by consumer goods for three of the four tracks.

Our Career Management Center team worked with each of these students to build the professional competencies they’ll need to manage their careers, starting with the creation of a custom job search plan and development of networking and interviewing skills. With graduates of Fuqua’s newest residential program now employed and establishing their reputations, we anticipate the growth of the employment profile will accelerate. We are thrilled to see such strong interest in our graduates right out of the gate, and expect these strong employment trends will continue to advance.