I was born in South Korea and stayed there until 2021 when I first came to the United States at age 25. Prior to Fuqua, my experience was centered around the never-ending challenge in the world of startups, managing a startup club during undergrad for about four years as the president and working in multiple startups in different positions. Such experiences represent my nature of enjoying challenges and working toward continuous improvement, which brought me my days in the States at Fuqua and so on.

The most valuable aspect of my time at Fuqua was being able to enjoy the thought of how I want to live my life. A lot of times, such thought wasn’t the most enjoyable thinking as they tend to have me think more about the restrictions or limitations rather than the possibilities or accomplishments. However, as my time at Fuqua improved me both professionally and personally and fruitful outcomes followed eventually. A thought that, “I CAN ACTUALLY DO IT!” bloomed in my mind, showing me so many avenues I can pursue. And imagining where those roads will lead me made me enjoy thinking about my future and also be fearless about trying different paths.

I am very interested in startups, cars and car engines, and video games. I also like trying unusual experiences such as recording and publishing my own song, which is something I did while visiting California. (You can find my song “Tonight the Moon is Beautiful” by Gorilla Yoo on different platforms!)