If you had to describe me with one word, it would be “storyteller.”

Hey, I’m Vaishakh! I'm a graduate of Fuqua’s Master of Quantitative Management (MQM) program degree with a key focus on Business Analytics and Marketing. My goal is to seamlessly integrate my strong business acumen with technical expertise to craft compelling narratives through data-driven storytelling.

Prior to this, I earned my bachelor's in electronics and communication engineering, specializing in wireless networks and communication systems. My diverse background encompasses experience in cyber and strategic risk at Deloitte, entrepreneurial ventures, and impactful teaching roles.

As a co-founder of The BisiBeleBois, India's youngest improv comedy troupe, I've honed my leadership, collaboration, and creative skills. Beyond this, I've dedicated over 200 hours as a volunteer teacher for underprivileged children, utilizing digital platforms innovatively to make education accessible.