As part of the Weekend Executive MBA Class of 2013, my classmates and I are used to a 36-hour whirlwind that happens every other weekend where we: arrive, take a full day of classes, complete assignments, drink beer, crash, and wake up and do it all again the next day before heading back to our “normal” lives. So as we arrived on campus for Term 6, also known as Super Term, a two-week intensive residency where we are combined with the Cross Continent MBA class, we knew it would take some getting used to, as compared to our usual program format.

mba students mingling
Super Term provides a lot of opportunities to network with Cross Continent MBA students.

Just like our normal weekend residencies, Super Term has been packed full of guest speakers, team building events, dinners, happy hours, and a LOT of classroom time. The great part about this term is that we’re only taking elective classes. Since we are paired up with the Cross Continent students, there are many courses to choose from! In fact, some students couldn’t contain their excitement to their 4 allotted classes and have elected to audit a fifth (not this girl though – 4 is plenty for me!). The electives include managerial decision making, corporate restructuring, entrepreneurial strategy, negotiation, and everything in between. The variety really allows us to branch out and enroll in courses that pique our interest, or for many, to satisfy the early requirements toward completing a concentration.

We just started week two of Super Term. A lot of us “weekenders” are still getting used to 6 days of back-to-back classes, but we are also really enjoying the elective term and the chance to spend more time immersed in school. It’s hard to believe that this is our last trip to Durham and that when we pack up on Friday and enjoy our celebratory dinner, it will be the last time we see one another before graduation. But don’t let me get ahead of myself. Before graduation, and even before Friday, I still have a lot of work to get through!