“We live in our own bubble.” As we gain work experience, we constantly create a bubble of networks and expertise. If we stay in this bubble, we are at risk of restricting our perspective and eventually our thought process. Once I realized this, I started looking at various options to avoid this trap, which led me towards exploring an MBA.

Once I decided an MBA was the next step, a key question was which school and what format. Being in Raleigh, NC, I had really great local options—Duke being one of them. I considered MBA programs throughout the nation and even internationally, but all of that changed once I attended my first open house on campus and witnessed the “Team Fuqua” spirit.

I had only heard about Team Fuqua prior to the open house, but I experienced it live while interacting with alumni, current students and Fuqua staff. Each member of the Fuqua community worked together to ensure an enjoyable and informative session for the prospective students. I observed this “one for all mentality” even in the interactions between current students when we sat with them during lunch. In addition I observed the diversity of people from different ethnicities and professional backgrounds which ensured that this atmosphere not only provides business intellect but also broadens each person’s perspective through collective diversity. Team Fuqua, combined with the school’s reputation and proximity, made my choice easy. This choice was further reinforced by a colleague of mine who had started the Weekend Executive MBA program a year before. In the words of my colleague, “Fuqua has the best faculty and staff, period.”

I began my application late December 2013 and by January 2014 I was accepted into the program. Believe me, the first time I received the letter, “you have been accepted…,” I had an ear to ear grin for a week. I am happy with my choice and the experience has been nothing short of stellar so far. Go Team Fuqua!!!