The beauty of Fuqua’s MBA structure is embedded in the team-based learning environment. Not only do we experience the power of teams as we progress through our classes, but we work in teams to accomplish our extracurricular goals as well. One of the extracurricular opportunities the Weekend Executive MBA program provides is to work on the admissions liaison team. Here is a peek into our roles as admissions liaisons and the motivation behind what we do.

A Day in the Life

While the day-to-day of our lives as admissions liaisons doesn’t differ much from the experience of our classmates, the role does provide us with opportunities to expand our network and speak to the culture at Fuqua. We do this by engaging with prospective and newly admitted students in various ways, such as curating personalized connections with current Weekend Executive MBA students, participating in happy hours where we share insights into the program, and sending welcome emails to students joining Team Fuqua once they are admitted (just to name a few!).

It’s a tremendous responsibility to engage in interactions with future students, helping to shape not only their impression of the program once they are accepted, but also helping to position Fuqua as the program of choice as students weigh their options on which program to attend.

Members of Fuqua's Weekend Executive MBA Class of 2024 at the Durham

Why Be an Admissions Liaison

Each of our “why’s” are unique but are rooted in the common theme of wanting to promote Fuqua as one of the most impactful business schools in the world.

For Kate, it’s about making personal connections. She didn’t realize just how important culture was in an MBA program until she was considering where to apply. Her decision came down to the connections she made and the stories she heard, helping her realize Duke was the right fit for her. She hopes to pay it forward and help others get insight into the program’s culture and value.

In Rebecca’s perspective, she wants to encourage more conscience leaders to apply to Fuqua. When looking at other Executive MBA programs, Fuqua’s commitment to educating thoughtful leaders in the business world stood out to her. She wants to ensure that there are more students committed to this idea.

Shaq’s reason is simple, his goal is to leave the Fuqua’s Weekend program better than he found it. As an admissions liaison, he helps recruit the best and brightest students who will without a doubt continue to drive Fuqua to new heights.

Why Fuqua

For us, attending Fuqua has been a truly transformational experience that is challenging and has helped us grow in ways we never imagined.