Passion has been the fuel for my journey in life. When I was growing up in the Far East, I used to think that passion is intangible and not measurable. When I landed in the States, for the first time, I thought passion is tangible but not measurable. My quest to see if passion is measurable led me to Fuqua.

I am pursuing my MBA to strengthen my finance, marketing and accounting skills which will help me advance in my career. While growing professionally, I would also like to create a positive impact on every human being I come across by utilizing my improved functional skills and a core value called passion. I have plans to pursue my career in corporate social impact, in the long term, and this is one of the reasons I chose Duke’s MBA program. Duke’s brand value, focus on entrepreneurship, and strong global reach propels me to travel to Raleigh every other week, come shine or snow.

I live in New Jersey, and work at a Japanese firm named Fujitsu, where I am the competency lead for consumer goods, and retail and distribution product lines and services. I have a deep understanding of business processes in certain industry verticals, and have the ability to leverage enabling technologies to improve and enhance their supply chain.

Other than work and school, I spend time in volunteer work with Apne Aap (self-help), a grassroots organization in India working to end sex trafficking by increasing choices for at-risk girls and women, listening to music, watching sports, and yes, watching 60 Minutes.