As I was born in Cuba, I like to think that I am originally from the “deep south.” My family moved to Boston when I was very young, and I grew up in and around the city. I eventually moved across the river to M.I.T. where I collected a bachelor’s and master’s degree in electrical engineering and computer science. Soon after graduation I moved to San Diego to take a job with Qualcomm. After spending 5 years soaking up the sun in southern California, I moved back to Boston where I have worked for a variety of technology companies.

While I was a development manager at VMware, I had the opportunity to build out a new product and grew it into a successful part of the business. It was a great opportunity to learn about the business side of technology and inspired me to go back to school and get an MBA at Fuqua. Business school has pulled the curtain away, and allowed me to peek into a new world, one which my prior work experience only hinted at.