I am a finance professional, reserve military officer, and entrepreneur. I serve as a U.S. Marine Corps reserve officer, and have more than 18 years of combined reserve and active experience. Earlier in my career, I founded and operated a successful small business in downtown Durham, NC. The experience of starting a business was simultaneously energizing and daunting. The understanding of business I gained as an entrepreneur provided insight into many business challenges, and ultimately drove me toward the consulting profession.

I am an avid runner and fitness junkie. Over the last few years I completed several ultra-distance races including an adventure race in the Sahara Desert. Constant exercise requires rest and recovery. To accomplish this I read books by many authors, from George Eliot to Jonathan Franzen.

I am thrilled to be affiliated with Fuqua, and prior to matriculating, I enjoyed meeting several Duke students, staff, and alumni. I’ve always been impressed by their pride and passion.