80s power ballads, blaring horns, and live chickens in cestas were all part of my journey to my new home in the mountains of El  Salvador. After the Peace Corps, my commute to and from my new workplace on the subway in New York was no less interesting.

After teaching for several years in New York City’s public schools and earning my master’s from Teachers College, Columbia University, my partner and I took a year to travel the world. Pickup trucks, boats, planes, trains, ferries, hot air balloons, and rickshaws were all part of that trip over six continents. After moving to North Carolina, the wild treks were replaced with car rides with two toddlers, curious about everything and joyfully singing “Wheels on the Bus.”

Eventually, I decided to take a new opportunity in the commercial construction industry. I now run the People Department at Monteith Construction here in Wilmington, North Carolina.