I am an action-oriented professional energized by driving big ideas to implementation. In my current role as Director of Strategic Partnerships at the Global Fund to End Modern Slavery, I engage the public and private sectors to develop and deploy strategies addressing forced labor in sectors like apparel manufacturing and overseas labor recruitment.

My experience engaging stakeholders in over 15 countries and the unprecedented disruption of the pandemic highlighted for me the tremendous potential for the private sector to lead a responsible recovery. Looking ahead, I am optimistic about the power of responsible investors and companies to drive a holistic approach to sustainability that fully integrates ESG (environmental, social, and governance) practices.

As a member of the Weekend Executive MBA 2022 cohort and a Forte Foundation Fellow, I particularly appreciate the emphasis on leadership characterized by IQ, EQ, and DQ and the collaborative spirit of Team Fuqua.

An outdoor enthusiast, I re-charge by trail running, hiking, camping, and exploring the mountains.