I am a technology enthusiast, having been in the industry for more than 10 years and working with Fortune 500 companies during this time. I've had responsibilities for product management and portfolio management across different product and services offerings. I am director of Product Line Management at Ciena Corporation and own analytics, software as a service, and operational services portfolios. My day-to-day work involves collaboration and leading teams and requires skills like P&L management, strategy, marketing, product lifecycle, and business forecasting.

I have pursued an executive management course in the past from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, and was looking for new perspective from a top business school in the U.S. to get a global experience and sharpen my leadership and financial skills. I was fortunate to be accepted at Fuqua as its proximity was one of the reasons I picked the Research Triangle Park for a job relocation prior to applying for the program.

I am a loving husband and father of a young son who loves to learn new things. I am a binge-watcher, passionate about movies and if I hadn't joined the technology industry I would have gone into rating movies. I love traveling and have traveled to more than 31 countries and the list keeps on expanding every year. I am enthusiastic about the impact of technology on our community and how its reshaping everyone's life.