How I Got to “Durham”

Hello readers! While I’ve spent years as an avid blog reader, this is the first time I’m writing for a blog. As part of my transformational experience here at Fuqua, I decided to take on the challenge of blogging. While I’m new to blogging, I am not new to Fuqua. I’ve spent the last 3 years thinking/seeing/doing nearly everything there is to do in Durham and Fuqua. And if my name sounds familiar, it’s because my husband, Joe Mancini, was also a blogger.

My Fuqua journey began in July 2009 when Joe and I married, and as soon as we were legally bound, Joe said he wanted to move from the bustling metropolis of Washington, D.C., to a town near Chapel Hill, NC, called “Durham.” I said I would “consider it” but after Joe went to Fuqua for an interview, I knew he’d found his second love.

We moved to Durham the following July on our 1st anniversary. We came in a rented moving truck that not only got a flat tire but also wouldn’t go faster than 35 MPH on 95 South all 270 miles from DC to Durham. Since I’m a hard girl to please, my one wish for our anniversary was to have a BBQ dinner from the infamous Q-Shack. When we finally arrived that night at 9:05 pm to pick up my our long-desired takeout, we learned that the Q-Shack closes at 9:00 pm. Welcome to “Durham.”

Despite the early closing times, Joe and I quickly fell in love with the school and the area, and I even stopped including the quotation marks when I referred to Durham. In fact, I couldn’t believe we only had two years here, so I did what any respectable partner would do — I took the GMAT and started orientation the next August. Beyond the excuse to stay here, I was so impressed with the students, faculty, and staff that I had been exposed to as a Fuqua Partner that I couldn’t imagine how much more I’d get as a Fuqua student.

I enrolled at Fuqua to learn more about healthcare, transition (maybe) out of consulting, and spend two years learning about who I am and what I want to be when I grow up. I interned this summer at CVS Caremark in Chicago and while we love the windy city, we’re excited to return to Durham so Joe, now a Fuqua alumnus, can campaign for Fuqua Partners President. I am also excited to have the opportunity to serve as an Admissions Fellow and COLE Fellow this upcoming year, and I look forward to sharing these experiences and others, as long as it’s still socially and legally acceptable for me and Joe to hang around Fuqua Fridays. :-)

Jackie Mancini

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5 Responses to How I Got to “Durham”

  1. Fleur Tang says:

    Hi Jackie, are you sure it’s the first blog you write? It’s soooooooo interesting!! You will definitely become a popular blogger!!! Look forward for more…

  2. Jackie says:

    Hi Fleur, thanks for your note! I’m glad you enjoyed my post. I look forward to sharing more adventures throughout this upcoming year!

  3. Jackie, I really enjoyed your post. I would love to learn more about your experience so far, please let me know if it’s possible to catch up so I can learn more about the program. Last year I was wait listed and this year I will be applying for EA.

  4. Jackie says:

    Hi Francisco, thanks for your comment. I’m glad you enjoyed my post. I will continue to write about my Fuqua experiences during the year, so please be on the lookout for additional posts from me, as well as from my fellow bloggers, which will provide you with greater insight on the school and Daytime program. To learn more detailed information about the program and admissions process, I encourage you to send an email to, or to connect directly with a current student you can also send an email to Someone will respond to you, and will probably be able to answer your questions better than I can. Thanks!

  5. Mohit says:

    Hi Jackie,

    Very good blog. I would like to know more about fuqua. Do let me know whether we could connect.


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