A few weeks ago, my wife Jackie and I were excited to be asked by BloombergBusinessweek to contribute a “Day in the Life” slideshow and commentary on our experience at Fuqua. Since Jackie just completed her first-year and I found myself in the waning moments of my second-year, we hoped that the feature would provide good perspective to the outside world on our lives here. Shortly after we were asked to create the slideshow, Jackie and I started brainstorming about our days in business school.

For about a week, we were stumped on exactly what photos to include. When I think of my time at Duke, there are dozens of images that pop to mind, including quite a few moments where I honestly had to blink to make sure that what I just experienced had really happened. Our first draft included more than 50 photos and I was personally convinced that was as short as we could make it. Here’s why:

Most days are pretty different at Fuqua. Your class times may be the same, but classes are not. In each class, you may be on a team, but after the core curriculum, your teams differ widely. Every day, you go to the same building, but your schedule is almost never the same. This is part of the reason why we like it, but proved difficult as the subject of a “Day in the Life” slideshow.

Most people are pretty different at Fuqua. I have largely been involved with the MBA Association (MBAA) and Admissions. One of my closest friends spent his time with the Asset Management Club (AMC) and Wine Club. Jackie is a COLE Leadership Fellow, but also spends a lot of time with the Healthcare Club and Health Sector Management (HSM) program. Our days are very busy, but also very different. We felt a lot of pressure to represent our classmates well, but also wanted to acknowledge that there are a million paths to take at Fuqua, and we have chosen and experienced just two of those.

After quite a bit of debate, Jackie and I finally submitted the slideshow and commentary on Fuqua to the editor at Businessweek, who I am sure was exhausted by how long it took us. I am happy with how it looks, but do want to emphasize that this is the experience of only two students. So, for a small glimpse into student life, check out our BloombergBusinessweek slideshow.