As a second-year student at Fuqua, my first four days back on campus were spent in a re-orientation, to readjust to the student lifestyle. It’s a unique time to reflect with your classmates on how your first year went, what you want to get of your second (and final!) year at Fuqua, and what you want out of life. You leave after these four days refocused on the precious time you have left — and I intend to make the most of this year. So, after my first few weeks of class, I thought I’d share some of the things that I’m looking forward to during the rest of my time at Fuqua:

  • Voluntarily Taking a 500-level Accounting Course: Yes, you read that right. While I never thought I would willingly take an advanced accounting course, there is something about Fuqua that makes you want to challenge yourself in new ways. Having a fantastic, dedicated, and nationally recognized professor like Shane Dikolli doesn’t hurt either (he’s #4 on this list).
  • Clubbing: No, not the late night destinations/activities of famous people but rather doing many of the Fuqua club activities that I didn’t have the time to do as a first-year student. This includes but is not limited to: home brewing with the Fuqua Beer Club; learning how to salsa with Fuqua Moves (or maybe even an Irish jig); volunteering with Habitat for Humanity more often; and taking golf lessons with the Fuqua Golf Club at the very nice Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club; and using my student discount while I still have it (after all, I am in business school).
  • Coffee, Drinks, and Game Nights — Oh My! Business school is one of those experiences that in the moment, seems like it lasts forever (e.g., if I can just get through this Stats class . . . ). However, after leaving the Fuqua bubble this summer, my classmates and I realized how much we actually like each other and missed each other over the summer holiday. One of my goals this year is to take the time to get know my classmates better.

Social Experiment

I’ll need your help with my last goal — once a month, I’ll ask you (and by this I mean, any of you readers) to comment on a post with just two random letters. I’ll pick someone in the Fuqua email directory, at random, whose initials match the letters, and I’ll ask them to join me for coffee. Then I’ll report on what I learned about my classmate. What do you all think? If you’d like to start this experiment with me, please leave a comment on this post with just two random initials.