Lately, most days start with an adrenaline rushed, fear-based, cars-chasing-me feeling. As the school year continues, and my to-do list gets longer and longer, I’ve decided to take a step back and reflect on what gift to give myself this holiday season. I decided to give myself three small things:

  1. I will give myself a moment to breathe, and enjoy a quiet moment’s pause before the day rushes in. It may be as simple as taking a moment to appreciate the cultural differences in the way my teammates celebrate their respective holidays, admiring the colorful decorations and holiday snacks all around Fuqua, or being grateful for the fact that my professors are always there when I need help.
  2. I will try to center myself every morning and remember my purpose in all the craziness that an MBA life brings. In tiny ways, Fuqua continues to give me the resources to allow this — whether its yoga class at the gym, meetings with my HSM advisor to just vent, or the various clubs to help me cope.
  3. I will not worry as much. I will not let small irrational fears stop me from enjoying my life. This year, I will continue to do my best and face my fears and aspirations at a pace that allows me to enjoy every moment. I am excited to take some interesting classes this upcoming year (Game Theory, Corporate Finance, Med Device Commercialization). Instead of worrying about how I will do in the class, I will look at this as an opportunity to learn from world-class professors in a safe and fun environment.

So, bring it on, 2013!