My family immigrated to the States in the early 1980s from Bombay, India, well before the rush of Indians who would immigrate in the following years. I was born and brought up in Dearborn, Michigan, where I went to a parochial grade school and high school. At home, I was raised with a strict and traditional sense of Indian norms. At school, I was educated through the eyes of “All-American” Catholic norms. Often, this led me to deal with two separate lives and conflicting cultural norms.

I entered my undergraduate program in Michigan planning to major in medical sciences. Four years later, I ended up with a finance degree and an increased passion for travelling the world in hopes of fixing the business side of an ailing healthcare industry. My first corporate experience out of undergrad was in a customer and product management role for a generic pharmaceutical company.

During my time at Fuqua, I have grown immensely and have successfully checked off many things from my bucket list. The next nine months will prove to be an intense adventure with the final destination still unknown but exciting as I continue in Fuqua’s Health Sector Management (HSM) program and concentration in Strategy and Financial Analysis.

Summer Internships: Cardinal Health, Corporate Strategy & Corporate Development in Dublin, OH and Bristol Myers Squibb, R&D Strategy & Operations, Intercon Medical in Princeton, NJ

Second-Year Fuqua Activities: Health Care Club – Corporate Partnerships Chair; Teaching Assistant in multiple courses; Career Fellow

First-Year Fuqua Activities: Health Care Club — HCC Conference Marketing Cabinet; Indian Student Association — Diversity Cabinet; Fuqua Client Consulting Practicum — Pharmaceuticals; member of Association of Women in Business and Consulting Club; participated in multiple case competitions; Leadership Cohort