Every year Fuqua pulls together employment data that confirms our continued status as a top-tier business school. But before our 2013-2014 final report is published later this fall, I wanted to share some preliminary statistics and trends for the Duke Daytime MBA Classes of 2014 (full-time) and 2015 (intern).

There are some prominent themes we observed this past year–those of diversification, personalization, and complexity. Each is increasingly prevalent for our students and employers. Our students have highly diverse interests, and want and need customized ways to navigate a relatively robust yet complex job market. On the employer side, increasingly specific talent needs are reflected in their recruiting processes and the competition to capture student attention.

Our role at Fuqua, and especially within the Career Management Center (CMC),  is to satisfy both student and employer priorities and to grow Duke’s brand in the global job market–something that will benefit our current students and 18,000+ alumni. To accomplish our goal we will continue to strengthen our recruiting network in the U.S. and around the globe, with not only large employers but also small to medium-sized businesses and start-up companies, across key industries and functions.

For additional insights and career trends from last year, please read excerpts from the CMC annual report for 2013 – 2014.