Going abroad to study in Argentina as part of Fuqua’s student exchange program was an incredible experience, allowing me to spend time living like a local and practicing Spanish. Here are some of the highlights:

Study abroad location

Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE) in Buenos Aries, Argentina

Dates of the exchange program

January 19 through February 25, 2015

Additional travel

In addition to my time in and around Buenos Aires, I traveled for three weeks in Asia before the program, and spent four days in Patagonia afterwards.

View of Argentina mountains

Why I chose to I study abroad

I wanted to spend an extended period of time living like a local in a foreign country, and I felt that the exchange program was a more cost effective way than doing a Global Academic Travel Experience (GATE) or Fuqua Client Consulting Program (FCCP).

Why I chose Argentina

I wanted to practice Spanish, be somewhere warm during the winter months, and have a solid home base during my experience. Rather than the programs—Chile for example—where people are moving around a lot, I wanted to settle in one place.

Fuqua Exchange Students enjoying wine in Argentina

I wasn’t alone

There were 18 other Fuqua students at UADE with me, and it was great to have a big group there.

Best Meal

Fugazetta from El Cuartito pizza in Buenos Aires. I never had Argentine pizza before and I loved it! And best drink was the homemade gin and tonic at Florería Atlántico, also in the city.

Outdoor cafe in Argentina

Favorite part of the experience

I took a road trip with four good Fuqua friends to Salta, a small city of about 600,000 people in the north of Argentina. We rented a car and just winged it—no hotel reservations, just the freedom to explore an incredible part of the country with unbelievable scenery and topography in the foothills of the Andes.

Cultural takeaway

Argentines are an incredible mix of so many European cultures, and this is apparent in their language, food, and personalities.

Economic takeaway

Inflation is tough! But on a serious note, it was incredible to learn about how companies in Argentina are dealing with such frustrating government and economic policies, and yet don’t give up on business!

Couple dancing