A few years ago, Fuqua’s Career Management Center (CMC) went through a significant re-organization as part of a broader effort to better align the school’s strategy, resources, and activities. As a result, the CMC now consists of 30 staff members operating in three work groups: recruiting and operations, student and alumni career services, and sector (corporate) engagement. Additionally, there is a small group of executive coaches who serve as adjunct staff, and a part-time student staff of over 100, who provide peer reviews of first-year students’ resumes, cover letters, and mock interviews. We’re excited about how this model has been working and the role that each team plays in our student’s MBA career search.

  • Recruiting & Operations Group manages the multitude of corporate events, interviews, and job postings that constitute campus recruiting and provides supporting technology and data infrastructure
  • Student & Alumni Career Services Group ensures that the portfolio of services and resources that we offer to students in all Fuqua programs, as well as to alumni, meets the diverse and changing needs of our job-seeking populations
  • Sector Engagement Group facilitates interaction between employers and students in specific industry sectors (consulting, financial services, technology, health, social impact, etc.), provides sector-specific training such as case interview preparation for consulting, and meets regularly with employers to expand Fuqua relationships in key industries

CMC Goals and Responsibilities

The Career Management Center’s primary focus is to enhance Fuqua’s national and global presence as a top-tier business school through delivery of a comprehensive career services and recruiting program for students and alumni. What we do to achieve this objective and how we approach our work evolves with stakeholder needs, which include students, employers, alumni, and the Fuqua and Duke communities, but our purpose is quite singular and largely unchanging.

Career Consulting and Advising

We review resumes and conduct mock interviews, but we do a lot more as well! While each person’s needs are unique, we partner with job-seeking students and alumni to assist them in:

  • Identifying satisfying, interesting work that aligns with an individual’s values, interests, skills, and innate traits
  • Carrying out a thoughtful, well-executed search that utilizes a wide range of relevant Fuqua and Duke resources
  • Making decisions that consider both short term and long term career interests, based on all available information at that time
  • Enhancing the Fuqua and Duke brands, as well as their own, through their communications and actions.

If you’re interested in how the MBA career search works at Fuqua, I hope you enjoyed this brief introduction and will read my past and future posts. If you have any specific questions you’d like me to address, please send a note to me at sheryle.dirks@duke.edu.