Several months have passed since I started business school, and oh so quickly. During that time it became obvious to me that coming to Fuqua has been one of the best decisions of my life.

Before going any further let’s be very clear—an MBA is as much a technical program as it is about soft skills. As the name suggests, it has a lot to do with learning about business administration and the technical skills you need to succeed. However, it’s the soft skills where the Fuqua culture helps big time.

Especially for international students, Fuqua is the best business school in the U.S. in my opinion. And it’s not surprising that because of its emphasis on teams, Fuqua sits extremely high on employers’ lists. After all, when you are working in a firm, 90 percent of your own and your firm’s success is a result of how well you work in a team.

There is hardly any difference between the intellect of people admitted to the top business schools, but how a student grows in those two years is what sets schools apart. I have felt a sea change in me during the last few months, and most of it has stemmed from becoming more open to feedback. I have learned from the Team Fuqua culture to get off my high horse and make people around me feel comfortable enough to provide honest feedback. It is only through this feedback that we can make improvements and grow our leadership abilities. If you feel you are the best (which many people admitted to top 10 business schools think), it can be difficult for you to hear from others about your faults. It’s easy to shut doors under the garb of “Oh! I am perfect and everyone else is wrong.” At Fuqua, I have learned to go beyond that.

To this personal development, add one of the toughest curricula you can find in business schools, and it has made me understand the importance of prioritization. Fall Term 1 is intentionally made hectic to wake us up from the deep slumber of complacency that can be induced by working as an individual in a big firm. An MBA has to be on his or her toes the entire time as we are responsible for running our own firm (e.g. our path through business school), and not just playing a cog in the wheel.

I have made friends with some really intelligent and highly creative people, and I learn from them daily. I have learned to trust the process and trust the people around me (again an important aspect of running a business).

With the help of Fuqua, I look forward to continuing down this path of personal growth.