Duke University as a whole is one of the reasons why I chose Fuqua for my MBA program. As an international student, I was curious to explore the greater Duke community beyond Fuqua to see what the university experience in America looks like. And now after one year has passed, I’m still amazed by the many opportunities to get involved with on Duke’s campus.

Learning Experiences

Duke’s Innovation Co-Lab

I’m a design thinking enthusiast who is also interested in the tech field. So when I found out about the Co-Lab, I was thrilled by the various courses it provides. Not only design thinking workshops, but also a Roots Program which focuses on understanding how to make use of a variety of tools and technologies, such as Python, iOS, and many more. It’s very useful for someone like me who is interested in tech but has no prior experience. I even signed up for a 3D modeling class!

a display of figurines and other plastic models, a scene from exploring the Duke community beyond Fuqua
Some of the 3D models that were printed in the Innovation Co-Lab

Courses in Other Schools

When I meet prospective students, most of them ask this question: Am I eligible to take a class at another Duke graduate school? And the answer is Yes. Since I focused on getting a foundation of business knowledge during my first year, I didn’t have a chance to take a class outside of Fuqua. However, many second-year MBA students take courses in the Pratt School of Engineering. There are also some law school and public policy school students that take courses at Fuqua as well.

Sports and Wellness

Campout and Basketball Games

Duke is famous for men’s basketball. And even though I’m not a huge sports fan, Campout and cheering on the team at Cameron Indoor Stadium are some of my favorite business school memories. I recommend that all Fuqua students participate in Campout, which is how you get the student tickets for the men’s basketball games. Whether you are a basketball fan or not, camping out in the parking lot for three days with friends is a very fun and unique experience—especially for me since I hadn’t spent much time in or around universities in the U.S.

During the season, we beat our rivals at The University of North Carolina, and all gathered after the game in front of the West Union to enjoy the bonfires. Massive celebrations after major sports victories like this can be typical to the American undergrad experience, and it was fun to mingle with other Duke students all in the name of a big win!


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Gyms and Group Workout Activities

For Fuqua Students, a gym membership is included in your student fees—which means you should maximize your membership! One of my favorites is the outdoor swimming pool near Ninth Street. It’s a small, cozy pool perfect for swimming, playing water basketball, and lying out in the sun. Also, I love group workouts at Wilson and Brodie Gyms. My physical activity level is so poor, but still, those group activities are easy to follow and so much fun! It also helps me try new exercises I’ve never done before such as Pilates, barre, or Zumba. My second-year goal is to participate in more outdoor activities, such as rock climbing!

Exploring and Fun

Duke Art Centers and Duke Performances

Duke has several art venues including the Nasher Museum of Art, Rubenstein Arts Center, Page and Baldwin Auditoriums, and several more. I attended the grand opening of the Rubenstein Arts Center in the spring and know that it will be one of my favorite places at Duke going forward. I frequently check out concerts by Duke Performances as well. It’s such a great benefit that I can listen to terrific classical, jazz, and vocal music in a pretty auditorium, just five minutes away from my home, and all for the $10 student ticket rate.  

a ticket and program for a Ciompi Quartet concert with the stage in the background, a scene from exploring the Duke community beyond Fuqua
Attending a performance at Baldwin Auditorium

Duke Chapel

Duke Chapel is one of the most famous buildings in the region, not to mention Duke, and many people visit the chapel and take pictures. Well, as a Duke student, you can enjoy more than just a photo in front of it. The chapel often opens up its top terrace to students. The view up there is breathtaking, with the classic gothic-style buildings and plentiful trees all around. My recommendation is to go there in the fall when the colorful leaves make the view all the more attractive! Also, you can participate as a choir member in the chapel, either during regular services or on special occasions. Fortunately, I had a chance to sing in the choir during a Christmas Concert, even though I am not a regular member. Singing Christmas songs for hours at the heart of the chapel was an amazing experience! In addition, Duke Chapel also holds many events and concerts, making life at Duke even more interesting.

dozens of singers in the Duke Chapel choir, a scene from exploring the Duke community beyond Fuqua
Can you find me in the choir?

These are only the highlights of my experience on campus. There are tons of other opportunities if you look around. I’m so excited to have another year in business school and to explore the greater Duke Community beyond Fuqua!