I'm an international student at Fuqua from South Korea. An American life and career are new to me, but I'm doing well thanks to the support from my dearest Fuqua community! My Fuqua experience has been fantastic, and I'm excited to share it with you.

Before Fuqua, I worked at public relations agency a little more than four years. I haven't yet decided what my path will be after graduation, but I'm sure it will be full of challenges, learning, and growth. I'm an active member of the Association of Women In Business, Design + Innovation, Consulting, and Tech clubs. 

Some random facts about me:

  • Earlier this fall, my apartment door locked by itself when I closed it. It took me three hours to reopen it, thanks to my 15 friends who came to my place to help. #TeamFuqua!
  • My friends call me "dolphin" since I laugh and sneeze with a really high pitch instead of my usual low voice.
  • I love cute characters. They are everywhere in my life—on files, clothes, my laptop, and even in the office. Characters make me smile, relieving my stress and refreshing my mind.
  • I used to work as a manager of a fan club for a Korean singer that included thousands of people. I took the position not because I was into his music, but because I thought that it could be a great leadership opportunity. It was a very interesting experience indeed!