At Fuqua, we believe that all of our students and alumni have the potential to lead positive social change. This is exactly why the Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE) works to build our students’ competencies, connections, and community so that, when they graduate, they have an impact—wherever they go. Whether working in corporate sustainability initiatives, becoming executive directors of nonprofits, leading impact investments, or serving on volunteer boards, our alumni have used the social impact skills that they learned at Fuqua to create positive change all over the world.

We recently asked a few alumni to share their stories by answering the question, “What’s Your Impact?” I am always so inspired to hear what our incredible alumni are up to, so I thought you might be as well! Meet just a few of them below and connect with us at CASE to learn more about how you can use skills from an MBA to become a social impact leader.

Alejandra Rossi

After graduating from Fuqua in 2017, Ale has used the skills that she learned to become the executive director of a nonprofit that supports the growth of social enterprises in her home country, Uruguay. Additionally, she is teaching social entrepreneurship to undergraduates at a Uruguayan university, having an impact on future social leaders.

More about Ale’s impact:

Manu Costa

After graduating from Fuqua, Manu has used the skills that he learned to join a community development financial institution, or CDFI, in Miami. He is making an impact by steering capital in the direction of sustainability and inclusion.

More about Manu’s impact:

Rana Marks

Rana has been using the skills that she learned at Fuqua to work in corporate sustainability. She is having an impact by using business as a force for good to create a more sustainable planet and economy for all stakeholders.

More about Rana’s impact:

Tuokpe Ajuyah

Since graduating from Fuqua, Tuokpe has been using the skills that she learned to drive impact investments. She is working to better understand how factors, such as the environment, privacy, diversity, and regulatory policy can shape the flow of capital to generate positive financial and impact returns.

More about Tuokpe’s impact:

I am so proud of these, and all of our other, Fuqua alumni that are using their business skills to make the world a better place. In these days of global pandemics, environmental crises, and growing inequality, we need our best minds to help solve social problems and create more resilient communities and economies. As we all navigate the uncertainty and hardships of the world today, I hope that these stories of alumni having an impact can serve as a bright spot and a ray of hope for what the future brings.