I have fundraised over $100 million for multiple charitable causes and educational institutions. I also founded three international nonprofit organizations and managed thousands of volunteers in the U.S. and internationally. At the age of 16, I founded the first nonprofit organization called Marine Education Initiative, formerly known as Fishing for Families in Need, which worked with socio-economically disadvantaged children to teach them more about their local marine and freshwater ecosystems and the need to promote conservation. The organization has educated over 2,500 children in South Florida and the Caribbean. In 2021, I worked with the organization to launch an indoor aquaponics project and I am currently working on a 30,000+ square foot greenhouse facility to scale the project in South Florida.

At the age of 21, I founded another nonprofit organization called Lend a Hand Bahamas where I led an effort to plan and fundraise for a much-needed community center in Nassau, Bahamas. The Community Center officially opened in October 2018 and has been working with children and adults in the Bahamas to give them more opportunities and access to educational activities. After Hurricane Dorian, I assisted with multiple containers of relief supplies and tens of thousands of dollars to support individuals in impacted areas and evacuees of this devastating storm. Recently, as a member of the National Food Distribution Task Force for the Bahamas, I raised funds and supported over 50,000 individuals with food assistance. In addition, I have secured funding to build a second, larger community center near downtown Nassau in 2022.

I am a graduate of Duke University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Policy Studies. I also hold a Certificate in Blockchain Strategy from Oxford University. I have been the recipient of multiple national accolades including being named One of Ten Outstanding Young Americans, an Environmental Educators 30 Under 30 recipient, SeaWorld’s Environmental Educator of the Year, a Nantucket Project Scholar, and I received the USA Weekend Magazine National Make a Difference Day Award in 2010. I was also named Nonprofit PRO's Fundraiser of the Year in 2019 for my work in raising over $200,000 in cryptocurrency.