When I was accepted to Fuqua, I was very excited, but I also had a big decision to make. Aside from knowing all of the important dates (deposit due dates, when school would start, and when I should move to Durham), I also had a real desire to understand what life would be like at Fuqua—what was the schedule really like, how busy was the fall, when did recruiting start, etc.

Attending an admitted students’ weekend, like Blue Devil Weekend (BDW), was critical to helping finalize my decision to attend Fuqua. Now, as a Blue Devil Weekend Co-Chair, I have worked alongside a team to create a weekend packed with events that will help admitted students picture life at Fuqua. I have created this BDW guide on what to expect and how to prepare:

1. First things first—be ready to bring the ENERGY!

All of the students, admissions team, faculty and staff are so excited to welcome admitted students to Fuqua and we have a PACKED schedule prepared for the weekend. We want to give people the most complete picture of life at Fuqua by exposing them to all that Duke has to offer, including top-level academics, the Team Fuqua culture, future classmates, the classroom experience, our Career Management Center (CMC) resources, and more. It is a lot to fit into just a couple of days, but do not fear, we will have plenty of snacks and meals to keep everyone going. Be sure to get rest and be prepared for a fun and informative weekend.

2. Be prepared for spring weather.

The weather in Durham, while usually nice, has a chance to be a bit volatile day-to-day in the spring. Check the weather forecast and it never hurts to have some clothes on hand in case of unforeseen warmth, cold, or rain showers.

3. Think about which optional events to attend.

For the Career Management sessions, I recommend attending a session that fits an admitted student’s interests. Some ways to determine which session to attend could include looking at who from the CMC will be leading those events so admitted students get a chance to know someone they will be working with during their time at Fuqua. Our student-led panels, like Allyship to Real Talk, are there to help participants hear from a variety of current students and gain a deeper understanding of life at Fuqua. Even if someone feels that an event’s title does not speak to them, pick one and I promise they will come away having learned something.

4. Take advantage of time with current students.

In addition to the BDW Chairs, there are hundreds of student volunteers that will be at each and every event. Chat them up, ask them that burning question, or share any fears. Remember that we all went through this experience not that long ago and all of the current students are there because they want to meet and get to know admitted students!

5. Meet future classmates!

I think that such an underrated part of BDW is all the time participants will be spending with other admitted students. BDW is often the first time people meet that will end up becoming lifelong friends. Believe me when I say that the connections people make at BDW will last through the summer and prepare admitted students for the move to Durham.

Perhaps the most important part of my experience was not something you can find on the weekend agenda—it was a gut feeling that Fuqua was a place I could make my home for the next two years of my life. A place where I could be supported and challenged while making lifelong friends and connections. Everyone at Fuqua is here to make sure that it is the best and most beneficial experience it could possibly be. Do not be afraid to ask questions and take advantage of everything that we have planned.

And remember—BRING THAT ENERGY! They don’t call us Cameron Crazies for nothing!