I’ll never forget the moment on October 20, 2022, when we learned that both my husband Eric Li and I had been admitted to Fuqua. We hugged and cheered together with our two kids. My husband and I used to be classmates in junior high, and now we’re classmates again! Fuqua let us relive our campus days, reminding us of when we first met 25 years ago.

Moving from China to the U.S. was a big step for us, especially with two little kids, but the information we received during our MBA application process with Fuqua made us confident about our decision and the international move that followed.

Preparing for a Life-Changing Move

Before we even left China, we started getting tips about where to live. The International Programs Office (IPO) and other students with kids helped us understand our options in Durham and Chapel Hill. We found a great apartment in Chapel Hill, about a 20-minute drive from Fuqua. Thanks to advice from second-year students, we also found an elementary school with a dual-language program for our kids. The IPO also suggested some summer camps for our kids, which was a big help while we were busy at the beginning.

Eric Li and Coco Mao, both Daytime MBA '25, and their family sitting in the stands at Wallace Wade Stadium during a Duke football game
Our family enjoying a Duke football game

That support did not stop when we arrived in the U.S. The IPO and some second-year students helped us with everything from buying a car to getting driver’s licenses, enrolling our kids in school and summer camps, and exploring local places. Everything went smoothly.

Resources for Fuqua Families

The school and community at Fuqua is really supportive of families. They allow spouses to be in the same section, which helps balance family life, especially during the summer and fall of the first year. The “Fuqua Mom” Slack channel and Fuqua Fridays also helped us and our kids make friends quickly with other families.

Eric, Daytime MBA '25, and two small children area the front of a line at Fuqua Friday at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business
Eric and our two children at Fuqua Friday

My C-LEAD group adjusted meeting times for me, professors were flexible with assignments, and classmates even helped me by taking care of my kids. All of this exemplifies the Team Fuqua spirit and confirms we made the right choice.