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Ali RulleAli Rulle

Daytime MBA | Class of 2012


I am working as a Cultural Development Manager at Wood Partners in Asheville and graduated from the Daytime MBA program at Fuqua in 2012. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Music from New York University.


Posts by Ali:

  • It’s a Wrap! - May 7, 2012

    First Fuqua Musical is a Success Wow. Over a week later, and I’m still in awe of the immense talent Fuqua students can harness and bring to the Geneen stage. I can’t fully…

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  • A B-School Musical - April 25, 2012

    This Friday at 7:15 pm, the Arts@Fuqua Club will put on Fuqua’s first originally produced live musical, appropriately titled Fuqua Musical… The show is the opener for the club’s annual Fuqua Idol event…

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