Growing up in Poughkeepsie, NY, I realized a childhood dream and attended the University of Notre Dame for my undergraduate career, majoring in political science. While the opportunity to work with Tim Russert as an intern on “Meet the Press” was the privilege of a lifetime, I realized that politics wasn’t for me and tapped into my experience as a neighborhood candy stand mogul to launch a career in business.

I moved from news to the “other side of the fence” in public relations, where I developed a passion for working with companies like the American Cancer Society, BlackBerry and Discovery Education to tell their story to the world. A couple years prior to entering Fuqua, I helped a London-based PR firm with a disruptive approach, Diffusion PR, launch their first international expansion office in New York City. The fast-paced atmosphere and work with startups across the country convinced me that being at the heart of marketing decisions was my future—and led me to Fuqua.

A few selections from my “25 Random Things About Me” essay:

  • I launched the “Sad Irish Fan” campaign after I was (unfortunately) caught on TV, dejected, during the BCS National Championship game between Alabama and my alma mater, Notre Dame. The campaign became a national news story and raised a lot of money for leukemia research.
  • I am a master crane machine operator…. at the arcade. I started a South Park plush dolls eBay business in 1998 based entirely on my success with the crane.
  • My favorite movie is “Anchorman” (the original). I have dressed as Ron Burgundy for Halloween for nine consecutive years, complete with a burgundy suit and mustache.

Fuqua Activities: I’m on the cabinet for the marketing club and tech club, directing this year’s Marketing Brand Challenge and Tech Symposium, respectively. I’m also active in marketing case competitions, and can’t wait to star in a FuquaVision skit soon.