Born and raised on the East Coast, I grew up in Jacksonville, FL, and lived in Richmond, VA, before coming to Duke. If you’re familiar with Richmond I’ll probably talk your ear off about my favorite RVA restaurants.

My background is in marketing and brand strategy, and I plan to continue a career in marketing after I leave Duke. The visual arts have always been important to me. I enjoy painting and volunteering at local arts organizations. I am able to combine my interests in business and the visual arts as a cabinet member of the Fuqua Design and Innovation in Business Club.

Other things I enjoy:

Favorite restaurant in Durham: Pizzeria Toro

Favorite dessert in Durham: Pie from Scratch bakery

Favorite way to unwind after a busy week: Run around the Washington Duke Golf Course on the Al Buhler Trail (only a 5-minute walk from Fuqua!)…and of course Fuqua Friday!

Student organizations I’m involved in: Design and Innovation in Business Club, Marketing Club, High Tech Club, Running and Triathlon Club