Prior to pursuing my MEM/MBA degree at Duke, I worked as a professional showjumping rider and was based out of Northern California. Turning my passion for showjumping into a full-time career was incredibly exciting. However, after a few years, I realized I sought a career in which I could have a larger impact against some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

Originally from Seattle, I have been an ocean lover my entire life. But learning to scuba dive and witnessing the beauty and fragility of the underwater world up close inspired me to work to help secure the long-term health of our oceans.

I committed to Duke University because of the opportunity to pursue a dual Master’s of Environmental Management degree and an MBA. I knew I needed both a scientific understanding and business expertise to address global climate challenges.

After graduating in 2024, I hope to work at an ocean-focused venture capital firm where I can employ capital to support innovative ocean entrepreneurs.