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My 4 Months of Summer

Before my summer becomes too distant of a memory, I wanted to give a brief recap of the 4 months between my first and second year at Fuqua. May Day 1: No school, no recruiting, and... Read More

Concentrations: Which to Choose?

Concentrations are a funny thing: they are completely optional in most business schools. So, why should we choose one in the first place, and which one(s)? Particularly for prospective students, this may be a relevant... Read More

Learning from Lowe’s

Corporate Finance Internship Provides Industry Insight Last year, when I started at Fuqua, I expected to pursue a career in brand management; however, that changed after I attended various club symposiums and networking events. I... Read More

Gradual Graduation

University of Virginia lore indicates that founder and American president Thomas Jefferson didn’t initially confer degrees on graduates, thinking that doing so would imply that the educational process was complete; idealist that he was, he... Read More

Event Builds Management Skills

As a member of Fuqua’s Finance Club, I helped to host the First Annual Global Finance Case Competition. It was a way to bring together competitors from like-minded business schools to sharpen their skills in... Read More