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Why Investment Banking?

December 20, 2016

investment banking firms among those listed on signs for a networking session in Fuqua's Fox Center

Like many of my Fuqua classmates, my career objectives diverged from what I wrote in my admissions essays. When I applied to the dual JD/MBA program in September 2014, only a few months…

Winning the 2016 National Investment Banking Competition

by , , and
November 17, 2016

the 4 of us receiving our prize for winning the Investment Banking Competition

The 2016 National Investment Banking Competition (NIBC) began in October 2015 with four friends from Fuqua who were six months, 330-plus teams, and 3,000 miles away from the championship. When our team had…

Investing In My Journey

November 15, 2016

author Jason Lind plus 5 of his Section 4 classmates, investing in my journey

On my thirteenth birthday, my dad gave me a thin manila envelope. I knew instantly this was not the Gameboy I was hoping for. However, I did not realize that this gift of a…

My 4 Months of Summer

December 12, 2013

Before my summer becomes too distant of a memory, I wanted to give a brief recap of the 4 months between my first and second year at Fuqua. May Day 1: No school, no…

Optional Concentrations Tie Into My Interests

April 12, 2013

Coming into Fuqua, aside from the core class requirements, I planned to take classes that really interested me or would be useful for my upcoming internship and future career. This led me to…

Concentrations: Which to Choose?

January 23, 2013

Concentrations are a funny thing: they are completely optional in most business schools. So, why should we choose one in the first place, and which one(s)? Particularly for prospective students, this may be…

Class Handouts Come in Handy During Summer Internship

August 17, 2012

If you ask a Fuqua student what they want to do with their class handouts after final exams, very likely the sardonic reply includes the word “bonfire.” But with the benefit of hindsight,…

Learning from Lowe’s

August 7, 2012

Corporate Finance Internship Provides Industry Insight Last year, when I started at Fuqua, I expected to pursue a career in brand management; however, that changed after I attended various club symposiums and networking…

An Intense Internship Search

April 27, 2012

My first year as an MBA student has been an absolute roller coaster at times, and nothing had as many highs and lows as the internship search! I want to paint a realistic…

Event Builds Management Skills

November 15, 2011

As a member of Fuqua’s Finance Club, I helped to host the First Annual Global Finance Case Competition. It was a way to bring together competitors from like-minded business schools to sharpen their…

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