When I was looking for a graduate program, I wanted one that would give me a strong return on investment, had strong name recognition, and would help lead me to a career I would enjoy, and I found that in MMS.

I like how broad MMS is. You are exposed to a variety of fields in business, and can learn more about what you may want to do as a career.  For someone who isn’t dead set on what they want to do, this was very appealing, as MMS does not “pigeon hole” me into certain career tracks like other grad programs.

Also, I like working with other people, and I really liked Fuqua’s emphasis on team work. “Team Fuqua” is an essential aspect in everything that happens at Fuqua and there are lots of group projects, which I think really helps prepare you for the future.  Another appealing aspect of Duke is its location in the South: it’s not an area I had spent a lot of time in and I wanted to experience the South.