Student group
That's me on the far left.

On President’s Day Weekend, 25 MMS students headed to Wintergreen, a ski resort in Virginia, for a weekend of snowboarding and skiing. This event, put on by the MMS outdoor adventure club, gave us the opportunity to get out of Durham and do something different. Part of the trip cost was subsidized by Fuqua, making it a really affordable opportunity to hit the slopes.

Some of you might be surprised that you can ski or snowboard only 3 hours away from Durham, but that’s what we were able to do. Sure, the snow may have been fake, but it was really cool to snowboard in 55 degree weather.

Girls skiing
Some classmates hit the slopes on skis.

For me, it was the second time I’ve gone snowboarding, and if you’ve ever gone snowboarding, you know what that means: I was on the ground a lot. Snowboarding may look easy on TV, but the board is really hard to control, especially when you gain speed, which happens very quickly. Pretty much, the only thing I could do was fall down to stop myself from running into everyone else on the mountain. However, I was able to get (very slightly) better from my first time, and this experience made me want to snowboard more. It’s a lot of fun and is something I would love to master.

While we had sun and warm weather the day we were on the mountain, it snowed the day we left, and I guess we brought those winter flurries down to the south: we saw the first snowfall of the year in Durham the night we returned. Of course, it’s North Carolina, so it all melted by the next morning.