There are a couple questions that everyone asks: Why did you choose Fuqua? Why MMS? And by everyone, I mean Fuqua’s Admissions Office, fellow MMSers, job recruiters, random MBAs I meet at Fuqua, etc.

One good way of answering this question is to make the answer about you, not the person you want to become. And don’t give an answer that you think people want to hear, because that’s not going to help them to remember you.

For me, the answer boils down to two words: it fits. MMS fits with my personality, and it fits into my career progression.

I’ve heard many people say that business school is a laboratory and that you should take the opportunity to experiment. This is exactly how I feel. I’m a tirelessly curious person, and I simply want to try EVERYTHING, just to know what it is and to decide if I like it. Fuqua is not only a place to try out different industries, but it’s also a great platform to meet more people and extent my network. To use my teammate Suejin’s words, Fuqua is like a bag of M&Ms, in that every Fuquan is an M&M, and each color represents an industry. Living among this diverse crowd, the last thing you can do is be a lone wolf.

In terms of career opportunities, MMS fits nicely into my career progression. I graduated from a liberal arts school with a degree in economics, but I didn’t feel confident to start working full-time, partly because I didn’t want to join an industry or take on a job function that I didn’t like or know much about. MMS gives me some time and a place to validate my interests, while improving my professionalism so I know that I will be job-ready even before graduating.