Anyone who has experienced a senior year, whether during high school or college, can relate to the emotional twinge in response to the question: “So, what’s next?” It’s a question that can initially seem subtle, benign even, but over time it can carry a lot of weight. Senior years are the greatest crossroads in the lives of most young adults. Preparing for post-graduation opportunities and the desire to have the most fun possible before entering “the real world” can be daunting for many, like it was for me.

I felt the most uncertain about my career path. I was fortunate to intern at a big bank for the majority of my time during undergrad. I thought the position would supplement my liberal arts coursework with enough practical experience to gain an entry-level position after graduation. However, as November and December approached, I began to feel a bit unsure as to whether or not a swift transition into the corporate world would be best. I did some research, and realized that a graduate degree in management could afford me the most adequate skill set for succeeding in the corporate realm.

There were many programs that caught my eye, but I ultimately chose the MMS program at Fuqua for 3 reasons:

  1. The ability to work in a team-oriented environment on a daily basis. “Team Fuqua” is embedded in the culture of the MMS program. Throughout the 10-month program, we work in groups of 5-6 on various projects, ranging from the development of business plans to holding group study sessions.
  2. The opportunities to further develop my technical skills. Again, coming from a liberal arts background, my association with numbers had been limited in the classroom setting. In the MMS program, you are immediately inundated with statistics and accounting classes. The initial coursework is challenging, but it is highly beneficial as it sets the tone for the quantitative rigor of subsequent terms.
  3. The chance to experience a different environment. I lived in New York and New Jersey all of my life and, even though I have family in North Carolina, I could never truly say that I had experienced living in the South. Upon my arrival, I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of activities in Durham, both on and off of Duke’s campus. These activities ultimately made my transition much easier.

Although it has only been a few months, I believe that my decision to enroll at Fuqua for the MMS program has been the best decision that I could have made. The ability to develop a holistic understanding of business, while also interacting with people in a completely unfamiliar environment, is proving instrumental in my personal development and professional preparation.