My classmate Nancy with Dean Bill Boulding and his wife.

Fuqua has fun events all the time — sometimes it’s difficult to choose which events to attend because there are so many options! For example, the other week there was a tailgating party with Dean Bill Boulding.

The event was held before the Duke women’s basketball game against Miami on Jan. 31. We were in Scharf Hall, overlooking the basketball court where we could see the players warming up before the game. The party was organized and sponsored by Fuqua and was free for students to attend (free food is always a plus!).

Enjoying the party with my friends Jackie and Liyun.


I ended up going in place of my friend because he had to work, but I’m glad I had the opportunity to attend! Everyone’s enthusiasm was contagious and it was great to interact with the Dean, my MMS classmates, and MBAs in a more casual and fun setting. I especially appreciated that the Dean, with such a busy schedule, took the time to get to know Fuqua students a little bit better and show his support for the Duke community. Plus, there’s nothing like some good North Carolina BBQ and Duke basketball! Duke won the game, 82 – 43!

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