Recently, Fuqua’s Admissions team instituted a question in the application that asks for 25 random things about applicants. From quirks and passions to hopes and fears, be yourself and let your personality shine through when answering this new MMS essay question. The essay is a great opportunity for you to illustrate who you are as an individual, and highlight unique things about yourself, in a non-traditional manner. To give you a better idea of how you might consider responding to the essay, here are my 25 random things:

  1. I am a huge fitness junkie and am always up for an outdoor adventure.
  2. Coffee is my drink of choice. I’m always up for trying new local brews and blends.
  3. I am not a morning person. The only way I wake up is to my iPhone’s car horn alarm. So, early morning classes are sometimes a struggle.
  4. I don’t have cable, but I love Netflix. “Mad Men” and “American Horror Story” are my go-to shows.
  5. I recently got into mountain climbing. Duke’s Wilson Gym has an awesome rock-climbing wall, and I’m also excited to get outside and trek up Mt. Mitchell in N.C. in the near future.
  6. I am a huge music fan. Music can solve all of my problems and make studying for exams go by so much quicker. Pandora internet radio station Summer Hits of the ‘90s is my go-to station.
  7. I can’t wait to be a father one day. I absolutely love kids.
  8. Following graduation, I want to be a proud dog owner. A chocolate Labrador retriever is my top choice. Nothing would make me happier than daily runs with my pooch.
  9. Education is so important to me. It really does transform today’s students into tomorrow’s leaders. With that, I love talking with young students about college and their future ambitions.
  10. I live my life around a quote from “Batman Begins” — in the film, Bruce Wayne says: “It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.”
  11. I eat so many apples. I could most definitely eat one for every meal.
  12. I used to be an avid alto saxophone player. I love open-microphone jazz improvisation.
  13. I am guilty of people watching. I literally can sit for hours and just look around.
  14. I love Greek yogurt. Throw in some fresh fruit, and I am good to go!
  15. I want to get my motorcycle license one day. I dream of owning a Harley-Davidson one day.
  16. I am a huge beer connoisseur. I love trying new flavors and local breweries. By far, my favorite Durham brewery is Fullsteam. Their sweet potato lager is the bomb and a definite must-try.
  17. I literally love hearing about peoples’ unique stories, and I actively seek out interesting people. Whether it’s someone I meet on the bus or at a social gathering, I often feel inspired when I hear their stories.
  18. I have yet to travel outside of the United States, so I am making it a goal to expand my horizons following my time at Fuqua. Sydney, Australia, is on the top of my radar, so I am hoping to travel “down-under!”
  19. I think I’ve bought way too much Duke apparel. Oh well, GO BLUE DEVILS!
  20. I love browsing homemade videos on YouTube. Whether funny, impactful, or entertaining, I love seeing what people have to offer.
  21. I’m not much of a reader, but I can often be found reading The New York Times or Huffington Post.
  22. I hate clothing shopping; however, I enjoy grocery shopping for some odd reason.
  23. Whatever type of car I purchase in the future, it will have a Duke license plate frame!
  24. I tend to fall asleep at very inconvenient times, which sometimes has its perks. However, I fell asleep and missed out on a cultural event with some fellow Fuquans. After that, I’m hoping to stop making this tendency a reoccurrence.
  25. I love doing the Cupid Shuffle. With friends from my hometown, Cleveland, Ohio, to outings with MMS classmates in Durham, I always want to do “The Cupid.” So, if you are ever out with me, expect to partake!