After a long winter break that lasted until mid-January, it was hard to believe that all of our MMS: FOB class was back at Fuqua again. With only two terms left, MMS students are hurriedly applying to jobs, getting ready for interviews, preparing for the new classes and having fun together.

Our MMS: DKU classmates began their studies in China after the break, so in order to kick off the Spring 1 term in Durham with new sections and teams, we had a two-day MMS: FOB Refresh event. On the first day, we got to meet all of our new teammates and then participated in a derby car race!

The second day of MMS Refresh involved a session with the Career Management Center (CMC), with speaker Steve Dalton, MBA ’04, CMC program director and author of “The 2-Hour Job Search.” Afterwards, MMS students enjoyed dinner together and a painting session!

After the first day of classes for Managerial Accounting, Decision Analysis and Business Communications II, MMS students enjoyed going out to dinner with each other and taking road trips for the long weekend that included Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Overall, it’s been a great start to a new term. It’ll be exciting to see what happens next!