As I was approaching the end of the MMS program, I started to reflect on how I spent my time at Fuqua. I looked at my photos that recorded past activities and travels I took. They show how I’ve grown at Fuqua as an individual outside of the classroom.

What can you do in one year? How can you make it impact your life? Here are some of my suggestions to build a legacy during the time you spend at Fuqua.

1. Contribute through different positions/activities

There are different ways to contribute to Fuqua while developing your professional skills. Writing blog posts as an MMS student blogger, interacting with prospective students as an admission ambassador, becoming a class section representative, leading as a student club’s co-president, or joining the MMS Association and helping ignite the Team Fuqua spirit are all ways to make an impact. These are just a few of the many leadership examples you can take on to leave behind a legacy.

2. Join different clubs on campus

At Fuqua, there are several different MMS professional clubs like Marketing, Consulting, Finance, and social ones like Food and Beverage. These are helpful resources for you to explore your interests. The professional clubs often bring speakers and offer case preparation help for interviews.

Some MBA clubs hold conferences and events that MMS students can join. For example, the Asian Business Club recently held their annual Duke University Asia Business Conference. The Tech Club also runs a Fuqua Tech Academy to help students learning about technology in marketing and advertising.

3. Seek guidance for your career path

Fuqua MMS student ski trip
Our ski trip

Technically, this can mean different things. One way to seek guidance is through the Career Management Center (CMC) where you can set up appointments to discuss your resume, cover letter, and job application progress. Another way that can be helpful for some international students is through English as a Second Language (ESL) sessions with Kitty Dalton, a management and communications instructor, who will help in both language adaptation and job preparation. Finally, ‘seeking guidance’ can mean expanding your professional networks with the MBA students and Fuqua alumni. You can ask informational questions to better understand the industry or job functions in which you’re interested.

4. Bond with other students

The MMS program has various activities throughout the year that help you get to know classmates. I joined a ski trip in February to Virginia with about 40 students. We also had the Fuqua Formal dance, Duke basketball games, and campout. Additionally there are always opportunities to just hangout at classmates’ apartments or at bars around town.

5. Explore your interests through different events

Ted talk at UNC
Ted talk at UNC

If you’re going to spend a year at Duke, you might as well learn as much as you can about the school or even the state itself. Stop Hunger Now is a volunteering event to pack food for the hungry. I joined two of these events—one at Fuqua and another at the Duke School of Nursing.  I personally noticed some of the differences between the two schools through the experience.

I noticed differences between Duke and the nearby University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill by watching their TED talks. You can also watch basketball games between the two schools and experience the excitement of their rivalry.

6. Travel around or even outside the country

Fuqua MMS students visit Charleston
Our trip to Charleston

I believe that traveling helps us to see through different perspectives. In this one year, you should explore historic Charleston, South Carolina, or have some fun at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Some students chose to cruise to Puerto Rico and Alaska, while others visited Chicago and New York. Use your time to explore!

There are so many things you can do in one year. People can change, grow, become more social, and increase their traveling experiences. Hopefully at the end of the year, you can look back and pinpoint the meaningful moments you had. Hopefully among them are good times with friends and long-lasting relationships.

Build a legacy by making the most of your time at Fuqua and Duke!