Fuqua Around The World (aka #FuquaATW) is a series of global networking and social events for Fuquans all over the globe. The events are organized by Fuqua’s alumni relations team, hosted by alumni in 70-plus cities, and held on the same date for all alumni, students and admits to attend.

The first time I heard about Fuqua Around the World was when I got an invite from the admissions committee after I was admitted last year. The networking event in New Delhi hosted by a Fuqua alumnus sounded like a great opportunity for three reasons. First, I’d be able to meet my classmates who I knew would be attending. Second, it was an opportunity to network with the Fuqua community in New Delhi. And third, I figured I could learn the best place to eat chicken wings in Durham. In case you’re wondering, it’s Heavenly Buffaloes. I can confirm that now.

The event was hosted by Bharat Tandon, Daytime MBA ’86, at his house and was attended by a large part of the Fuqua community living in New Delhi, including the newly admitted MMSers and MBAs.

It was my first encounter with Fuqua and its robust network. Even before coming to campus, through the event I was able to feel the “Team Fuqua” and “giving back” spirit—something which is very unique and important to our school culture. The alumni showed an innate interest in my background and my career goals in an effort to get to know me. They shared their Fuqua experiences and their favorite courses. They also advised me to start my job search as soon as I reach Fuqua, which proved to be really helpful. I also got to interact with three of my future classmates. We discovered we had common friends and interests, which deepened our bond and fueled our excitement to come to Durham.

After Fuqua Around the World, I felt proud to be a part of this closely-knit family. The annual event is a true demonstration of the collaborative and giving culture of the Fuqua community.


#FuquaATW #2016 Great turn out with alums across all programs at #Fuqua #fuquafamily

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