As a prospective MMS student, it is important to connect with admissions and to be in touch with our department throughout your whole application process. From when you first become interested in a program to enrolling as a student, admissions officers will be there. When questions arise, we are here to help, and these are the best ways to find us and stay engaged.

Using Our Website

A good place to start is by first learning what your program of interest offers, what the curriculum looks like, and what are the career outcomes. On our website, you will find frequently asked questions, deadlines, and class profiles for each program. If your questions cannot be fully answered through our website, you will also find contact information to reach out to us via email. We are always happy to assist in answering your questions.

Virtual Sessions

On our website, you will find information about admissions events including campus visits, off-campus events, and virtual sessions. This year, our admissions team will be hosting more virtual sessions about one-year master’s programs than in the past. We want to be more accessible to students all over the world.

We plan to host virtual sessions from September to May to allow students to connect with us through several session formats: general information, application tips, and student panels.

General Information Sessions

These provide an overview of all our one-year master’s programs and a high-level look at the admissions process.

Application Tips

We provide tips on how to prepare the best application possible and include helpful information about the application review process.

Student Panels

These are great opportunities to learn firsthand from current students what being at Fuqua is like. Topics include the academic, social, and career-related aspects of the programs.

Depending on prospective student interests, we may also offer additional session formats. We will host anywhere from one to four sessions per week at a variety of times to be available to as many prospective students as possible. Please join us, ask questions, and listen along to learn more about our offerings.

Campus Visits

If you are in the area or can make the trip to our beautiful campus in Durham, North Carolina, we welcome you for a visit. Register for an Open Campus Visit, and you will be able to engage with current students, admissions officers, the Career Management Center, and the student services team. You will also have the opportunity to attend a class, tour Fuqua and Duke’s campus, and attend lunch and our weekly happy hour, Fuqua Friday. The goal of the visit is to give you insight into what it’s like to be a Fuqua student.

If you ever have any questions for the admissions office, feel free to reach out to us by phone (+1 919-660-7705) or email. You can also subscribe to our email list to receive updates.

We look forward to working with you!