Being a student leader at Fuqua can mean many different things, and a big part of that process in MMS is giving students the space to decide what that means for themselves on an individual level. As the assistant director of MMS, I like to use the expression that you earn your experience here at Fuqua. Our philosophy is that you will learn and grow much more when you take initiative and ownership in creating a shared experience with classmates, be it in an academic, social, or a career setting.

Interest Groups

Some students choose to engage in leadership through interest groups. MMS students have the opportunity to be members in Daytime MBA-led diversity and activity clubs, which is a great way to get immersed in the Fuqua community. In the one-year master’s programs including MMS and MQM, instead of having a set list of clubs and positions to be filled each year, we encourage students to pursue whatever areas they are passionate about. One recent example is Fuqua Vogue, an interest group created by students aimed at helping their classmates choose appropriate attire for interviews, offering professional headshots for LinkedIn, and bringing people together who have a desire to learn more about the fashion industry.

MMS students have also led student groups devoted to professional interests such as finance, consulting, and marketing.

MMSA Executive Board

If a formal leadership position is of interest, the MMS Association (MMSA) is a great option. Co-presidents are elected by their classmates to serve as the voice of the student body. Then those co-presidents participate in the process of interviewing and selecting a cabinet, with roles such as engagement, inclusion, service, and wellness. This group attends weekly meetings with our program team and works to create and share information about events with the student body to enhance their Fuqua experience. They also represent the interests of the student body to the administration as it relates to academics and the classroom experience. And let’s not forget two hallmark occasions the MMSA are responsible for—winter and spring formals!

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One-Off Opportunities

Some students find themselves wanting to lead events, but short on time, which is where the chance to partner on a one-off event can be appealing. If you are a Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint wizard, you can lead a one-hour session on best practices and tips for your cohort. Another past example is when an MMS student interested in the wine and spirits industry put together a ‘Wine 101’ session for 30 classmates. He created a presentation to educate people on the different types of wine, how to decode wine terminology, and ultimately, how to taste wine (arguably the most fun part!).

There are also roles with less of a time commitment than other formal leadership positions, such as judicial representatives and career representatives. Judicial representatives serve on honor code board hearings and actively promote integrity as a core Fuqua value within MMS. Career representatives work closely with the Career Management Center to offer programs aimed at helping students develop skills and promote networking opportunities in various industries that will benefit them during the job search.

Balancing all that goes on at Fuqua with academics, career, co-curricular and social events is a tall order, and the goal in the MMS program is to give students a platform to engage in whatever ways excite them and bring the community together. Partnering with students to further their leadership development is one of the best parts of my job, and I hope we will have the opportunity to work together in the future!