Going into MMS, my goal was to make the most out of the one-year program. I knew MMS would help bridge the gaps in my college experience caused by the pandemic. What I did not know, however, was that every day I would get the chance to look back and see firsthand how much of a life-changing opportunity attending Duke and Fuqua was for me.

I promised admissions I would do my best to leave Fuqua better than I found it, but I naively had very little understanding of the incomparable ripple effect that Fuqua would have on me. I never thought I would reap the benefits of this education daily, well after graduation. As the student commencement speaker, an admissions ambassador, and a student fellow, I also think about the impact my peers, classmates, professors, and faculty had on me. I see how their belief in me gave me the confidence I needed to pursue endeavors beyond the walls of Fuqua.

MMS is the reason why I’m working in my current role as an analyst with Deloitte. The opportunity involves working on long-term consulting projects as part of the firm’s Risk and Financial Advisory practice. I also work with Duke’s alumni team to help Deloitte continue to grow its connection with the MMS program.

In a recent chat with Fuqua’s admissions team, I explain what my day-to-day life at Deloitte is like, how connections made at Fuqua helped me figure out my career, and how the brief interaction with Deloitte CEO Joe Ucuzoglu at the Distinguished Speaker Series at Fuqua led to a meeting at his New York office.

You can watch that talk here: