In recent years, there has been strong representation from Duke student-athletes in the MMS: FOB program. As a member of the Track & Field team, I have been able to experience the balance between academics and athletics at Duke.

A typical day for me starts off at 8 a.m. with one or two classes. I frequently will grab lunch afterwards in Fuqua’s Fox Center and then head to our team’s locker room before the start of practice which is only a short walk from the business school. I often conclude the day meeting up with my Fuqua teammates to get ahead of work and upcoming assignments. There are plenty of places to study both in Fuqua and on Duke’s campus.

Fuqua has been very accommodating with the athletes and ensures everyone’s class schedule aligns with their practice schedule. Professors have shown their support for athletics by attending events and understanding when games or travel interfere with classes.

The Career Management Center has been a huge help to me as I search for jobs. I have met with career coaches several times this fall, and they have guided me on how to prepare for and navigate the recruiting process. Career coaches have also contacted me with job opportunities that directly align with my skills and interests. I have found that having these resources available has made the job search a lot more manageable and the coaches have exposed me to opportunities I did not previously consider.

I continue to be amazed by the facilities and services that are offered at Duke. Athletes are given ample support needed to succeed both in class and in their respective sports. The Team Fuqua mentality especially shines through when an MMS athlete has a game and a large group of Fuqua students comes out to watch. Having your classmates in the stands or being able to see other classmates compete makes the experience so much more special.

four students posing for a photo with the Duke Women's Soccer student-athletes huddling behind them on the field
Students supporting a Fuqua teammate on the Duke Women’s Soccer team

I have also loved how well integrated the student-athletes are with the rest of the cohort. The MMS program does an excellent job of diversifying each MMS team. Athletes become close with students from all backgrounds rather than just those who are on the same sports team.

As I’ve now finished three of my five terms as an MMS student-athlete, I could not be happier with my decision to continue my athletic and academic career here at Duke.