I’m a photographer, a writer, an optimist, and a huge fan of life. I’ve traveled around the world, and loved talking to different people from different cultures. I’ve been an honored student, a published academic researcher, a student government president, an event planner, a TV host, a TOEFL teacher, a public speaker and a international-championship-level debater. I’ve met President Obama in person, and I accompanied China’s former president in international diplomatic summits.

I love learning about random facts in life. I’m a huge enthusiast in volunteering and charity, and it’s been my dream to help as many people as possible. All of this makes me who I am today, and I appreciate that even the littlest things in life can make significant impacts. I’d like to share all the inspiring little things in life, and hope you will get a different perspective of Fuqua, Duke, and Durham through my words.

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