I am the Program Specialist of the MMS: DKU Program. I began the position in September 2022, four months after obtaining my master’s degree in marketing from Johns Hopkins University. I was in Wuhan University in China for undergraduate degree, majoring in human resources management and minoring in philosophy.

Five random things about me:

  1. I am a crazy soccer fan and have watched soccer for almost 15 years since I was in primary school.
  2. I like Japanese anime very much. Motivated by it, I spent most of the summer and winter vacations in my undergraduate to learn Japanese and got the N1 Japanese Language Proficiency Certificate when I was a junior.
  3. I am keen on learning foreign languages. Apart from English and Japanese, I am studying Spanish myself. I can also sing a few Korean songs.
  4. I have two poodles. They are mother and daughter.
  5. I could barely cook before going to the U.S. But since takeout is more expensive there than it is in China, I gradually became good at and interested in cooking. Mobile apps are good sources of recipes.