As a result of the pandemic, MMS: DKU graduates of the Class of 2022 navigated virtual courses and the uncertainty of global conditions—but they also experienced record-breaking job success. I am particularly impressed by the class’ perseverance in determining career goals and their dedication to building connections with Team Fuqua and Duke Kunshan community. As illustrated in the Class of 2022 MMS: DKU Employment Report, annual salaries are up, while job acceptances within six months after graduation remain steady compared with previous years.

Highest Base Salaries Recorded

For graduates choosing to work in Greater China, the median annual base salary rose from roughly RMB 217,000 to RMB 230,000. It is undoubtedly a new record for the MMS: DKU program. We have seen continuous growth in starting salaries in the most recent two years.

New Trends in Industry

The Class of 2022 took jobs in a wide range of industries. The tech/internet sector was the most popular destination among industries (36%), followed by finance (33%). The tech sector’s popularity can be credited to the surge in demand for digitalization in China and the desire of new graduates to join the fast-growing field.

Consulting was the third-most-popular destination for graduates (22%). That is a significant jump from 9% of the Class of 2021. Many companies in China are turning to consultancies to learn ways to keep competitive in the market and explore digital transformation. Our graduates are capitalizing on that rising demand, which has resulted in more available positions.

Flocking to First-Tier and Fast-Growing Cities

Guangdong Province in Southeast China is increasingly a destination of choice for MMS: DKU graduates. The top destinations in the province are Guangzhou and Shenzhen. With the headquarters of P&G, Mars, WeChat, and some other fast-moving consumer goods and tech companies located in Guangzhou, graduates view the region as a place filled with opportunities. Meanwhile, Shenzhen is among China’s fastest-growing cities. In particular, high-tech, e-commerce, and overseas trade is boosting Shenzhen’s growth. Well-known Chinese tech companies, such as Tencent, OPPO, ZTE, Skyworth, and so on, gather in Nanshan District, providing positions for graduates. The government has also tried to entice new graduates by introducing location-incentive policies, including rent subsidies.

More Graduates Launch New Businesses

The number of graduates starting their own businesses doubled compared with that in MMS: DKU Class of 2021. Six graduates have set up their companies. Despite the economic weakness caused by the pandemic, they noticed and seized the limited business opportunities. I believe that courses provided by the MMS: DKU program contributed greatly to their confidence, insights, and entrepreneurship in both classes and their career paths.

I am absolutely pleased that the MMS: DKU Class of 2022 worked hard, took part in class discussions and assignments actively, and accumulated sufficient business knowledge before taking their roles in the workplace. As a result, employers from a wide range of industries are acknowledging their abilities. Despite the disturbances we all encountered in 2021/2022, I sincerely congratulate MMS: DKU Class of 2022 on their amazing achievements in career outcomes. I look forward to meeting them again in upcoming Fuqua and DKU alumni events.