I’m originally from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and I completed my undergraduate studies in the U.S. as part of the Letters and Science Honors Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. During my time there, I majored in economics and communication arts and minored in classics. Having completed my degree in only three years, I was looking for a way to extend my education, and Fuqua’s 10-month MMS program was the perfect solution. After graduating from Fuqua, I plan to pursue a career in the media industry.

Besides working with Fuqua’s marketing department, I love to sing and am a member of Duke’s Chorale ensemble. I am also a voracious reader and tear through books like most people would tear through a chocolate cake. My other hobbies include: horseback riding, figure skating, attending theater performances, and traveling.

By joining the MMS Program, I have not only gained an exceptional education but a wonderful place to call home. I know these 10 months will fly by, so I plan to savor every moment and pursue every opportunity I can find.